About Accredu

ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. is an international training & educational institute, which can guide you in the right direction of accreditation. The company has branched out with membership in South Africa, United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Trainers, educators and personnel involved here are highly qualified skilled and respected experts in their respective specialist fields; and are renowned across the globe.

The resource personnel working in the company have been consistently providing reliable support services and consultancy to a wide variety of corporate houses either in the capacity of executive or as a business partner or consultant. The bottom line of the company philosophy is building a long-term business partnership with its clients where interpersonal relationship, reliability, assured quality and target-oriented modern technology are the major building blocks.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality training and services at an affordable cost. Our forward vision is to strive to become an entity in training development based corporate solutions, capable of demanding an unconditional response from the targeted niche. We also believe that for our scope of improvisation – the sky is the limit and we are always ready to take our achievements to the next level. We are growing and would always like to remain on the growing streak.


ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. is an international training & educational institute, which can guide you in the right direction and right qualification for your personal needs; and your companies overall development.


ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. was created in 2004, due to an international need by trainers and companies to be associated and grouped inside an organisation that can control the standards of qualifications; and to deliver exceptional accredited training. Since inception ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. now holds 860 members from all around the globe.

Keys of Development

  • Desire for Excellence
  • Trust and confidence build-up
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork

We Believe In

  • Motivation
  • Collective responsibility and leadership
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Adding values to our client needs

Areas of Expertise

Main Strength of the ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation. Increasing customer’s awareness is the strength where it excels over its competitors. Our strength lies in our ability to blend current management practice and expertise into cost-effective assessment and training. ACCREDU Pty. Ltd. understands the need for skill transfer to client personnel. Our offers cover the following major areas:

  • Assessment

  • Training Licensing

  • Manual accreditation

  • Course accreditation

  • Membership

  • Equipment supply for police and military

  • Assessor qualifications

  • Moderator qualifications

  • Development of training standards
  • Verifier qualifications

  • Establishment of Unit Standards

  • Aligning interventions with international best practices

  • Establishment of adult learning environments

  • Instructor accreditation

  • Training consultants

  • Development of training courses

  • Establishment of job-specific outcomes-based learning

  • Recognition of Prior Learning development

  • Write of SOP’s

  • Training management

  • E-learning development

  • Training coordination

  • Production of Portfolio of Evidence

Our Publications

Cybercrime Investigation – Tools, Techniques
Cybercrime Investigation – Tools, Techniques

A good understanding of the flow for a typical cybercrime investigation...

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How to become a world class Army Sniper
How to become a world class Army Sniper

Snipers are military marksmen who engage the enemy from a distance...

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