Diploma Cybercrime Investigation

Diploma Cybercrime Investigation

Our programs are the most innovative and progressive available in the industry today.The Diploma in Cybercrime Investigation is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The diploma is designed to challenge cybercrime investigators to take a critical look at modern investigation philosophies and methodologies. This diploma will equip investigators with the knowledge and techniques required to apprehend cyber criminals.


  • EMC01 E-Mail Crime.

  • H02 Hacking.

  • CT03 Cyber Terrorism.

  • FC04 Financial Crime.

  • CS05 Cyber Squatting.

  • IT06 Identity Theft.

  • MC07 Malicious Code.

  • DOS08 Denial of Service.

  • DD09 Data Diddling.

  • CP10 Cyber Pornography

  • DW11 Dark Web.

  • SA12 Salami Attack.

  • MD13 Malware Dissemination.

  • SP14 Software Piracy.

  • F15 Forgery.

  • OOC16 Obscene or Offensive Content.

  • CS17 Cyber Sex.

  • F18 Fraud.

  • P19 Phishing.

  • S20 Spoofing.

  • NE23 Net Extortion.

  • DT24 Drug Trafficking.

  • CW25 Cyber Warfare.

  • CS26 Cyber Stalking.

  • CI27 Cybercrime Investigation.

  • CD28 Cyber Defamation.

  • IRCC29 IRC Crime.

  • C30 Cryptocurrency.

  • PIC31 Police Investigation related to Cybercrime.

  • S21 Spam.

  • T22 Threatening.


PHASE 1: Module Recognition of Prior Learning.
PHASE 2: Classroom Attendance.
PHASE 3: Theory Exam.
PHASE 4: Practical Exam.
PHASE 5: Job Specific Outcomes Experience.
PHASE 6: Recognition of Prior Learning.
PHASE 7: Portfolio of Evidence.
PHASE 8: Accreditation.