Neuroscience of Training

Senior Manager, Professional Standards Training at T-Mobile

Joe Pulichino

Dr Joe Pulichino is senior manager of compliance, ethics, training, and awareness at T-Mobile.
Dr Pulichino has worked in the field of learning and development for over 40 years as a teacher, instructional designer, and consultant in corporate, K-12, and higher education settings, and as a manager of education departments at organizations large and small, from start-ups to global multinationals. His expertise covers leadership development; sales, compliance, and technical training; teaching English as a second language; human capital and talent management; and assessment, evaluation, and performance management.He received his master’s degree from Rutgers University and his EdD in education technology from Pepperdine University. Formerly research director at the E-Learning Guild, Joe has published widely in business and academic journals and has presented his research at many industry conferences. He has served as a board member of the Center for Learning Innovation and the Computer Education Management Association.

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Neuroscience Of Training

In this course, Dr. Joe Pulichino explains how to use techniques for eLearning design based on brain science, that—when applied—make for a more engaging and effective learning experience. Topics include increasing learner attention and connecting with learners, and tips for making the learning stick. Using research on the neuroscience of learning, Joe explores how to create eLearning that is highly effective at helping people learn.

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